Hey there!
I'm Ian Likono a
Digital Innovator

As a seasoned entrepreneur with 6 years of experience in software engineering, my expertise spans various domains including full-stack development, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. This diverse skill set enables me to create cutting-edge solutions, driving innovation and technological advancement in the digital landscape.


Unveiling the Vision:
Discover the Story of a Passionate Entrepreneur in Technology

Born in Kenya, I've always had a deep interest in innovation. After studying computer science at the University of Nairobi, I moved to the US in 2018 to further pursue my tech career. I immersed myself in a 12-week coding bootcamp, sharpening my skills in Javascript and other technologies. This led to opportunities to work on diverse projects in areas like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

With six years under my belt, I've been part of fantastic teams and have tackled various technological challenges. My journey is about more than just coding; It's about exploring the vast possibilities in technology and creating solutions that make a difference. Join me in this adventure as I share my experiences and exciting path of being a entrepreneur in the tech world.


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